Database Programming Laboratory

Introduction to Database Programming Laboratory

This course is designed to practice and experiments of topics on database programming. Practical Usage of database design tools. Designing user interface for database ap plications. Programming database applications. Security and access in database programming. Efficient use of SQL for complicated tasks and teaching a 3GL database language. Usage of triggers, stored procedures and functions for efficient and more secure implementations of database applications.

17.08.16 :: Course Outline

Course Outline is available on Material & Resource

17.08.16 :: Mini Project

1. Develop a PHP pages (app) with useful features
2. The should use HTML & CSS & PHP
3. The app composes at least 2 HTML from with PHP form handling
4. Generate vary result according from input

*** Present on Lab 6 (09/25, 09/27) ***

Grading Criteria
Usefulness (30%)
Completeness (30%)
Creativity (30%)
User friendliness (10%)

Lab 13: Trigger
1. To learn how to write trigger
2. To learn how to use trigger in PHP

Download Lab Manual.