Intelligent Informatics and Service Innovation (IISI) Research Center

“Intelligence IS Innovation and Innovation IS Intelligence”


The Intelligent Informatics and Service Innovation (IISI) research center aims to integrate fundamentals from engineering, the basic sciences, social sciences, economics and mathematics to solve applied problems in engineering, science and social issues. The achievement will be put on services for add-on research and development that encourages the effective utilization of the results of frontier research related to intelligent informatics and service innovation. The main objective of the ISII research center is to develop practical applications in the field of intelligent informatics and service innovation, produce joint research papers, conduct an efficient collaborative supervision of graduate students and arrange for cooperation with other research groups and universities. The IISI research center will focus on joint efforts to obtain necessary research funding and support from national and international funding agencies. The research and development (R&D) in the center relates to artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, intelligent applications, service sciences, service innovation, semantic web, database technology, human language technology, knowledge discovery and data mining, knowledge engineering, automated reasoning, ontology languages and applications, service ontology, description logics, knowledge engineering, ontology modeling, machine learning, pattern recognition, simulation modeling, applied optimization, and information retrieval. The research and development is done to contribute to service innovation and the process of innovation.

The long-term objectives of this research center include developing educational programs, master or Ph.D. programs, in collaboration with other schools for intelligent informatics and service innovation at particular aspects and sponsored by the industry and developing collaborative projects with several research groups within Asian countries.

Keyword: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Applications, Service Sciences, Service Innovation, Semantic Web, Database Technology, Human Language Technology, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Knowledge Engineering, Automated Reasoning, Ontology Languages and Applications, Service Ontology, Description Logics, Knowledge Engineering, Ontology Modeling, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Simulation Modeling, Applied Optimization, Information Retrieval