IISI Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Thanaruk Theeramunkong


Human Language Technology, Data/Text Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Database Technology, Service Sciences
Dr. Virach Sornlertlamvanich

(Vice Head)

Service Innovation, Tourist Informatics, Human Language Technology
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekawit Nantajeewarawat Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning, Ontology Languages/Applications, Semantic Web, Service Ontology
Asst. Prof. Dr. Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn Knowledge Representation/Reasoning, Description Logics, Knowledge Engineering, Ontology Modeling, Semantic Web
Dr. Sasiporn Usanavasin Software Engineering, Semantic Web and Knowledge Engineering, Service Science and Service Innovation
Dr. Nguyen Duy Hung Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agents, Argumentation, Proof Procedures, Dialogues, Contract Dispute Resolution Systems
Asst. Prof. Dr. Teerayut Horanont Geographic Information System (GIS),

Urban Computing, Geospatial Databases and Data Mining, Spatial Analysis, Open Source Software and Open Standards Development

Asst. Prof. Dr. Gun Srijuntongsiri Scientific computing and numerical analysis, with focus on intersection problems and optimization.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bunyarit Uyyanonvara Medical image processing, Pattern recognition.
Asst. Prof. Pakinee Aimmanee Information retrieval, Data mining, Applied linear algebra, Image Processing
Asst. Prof. Dr. Chawalit Jeenanunta Network optimization, Simulation, Supply chain management
Dr. Morrakot Raweewan Analysis of Supply Chain Models, Simulation Modeling, Applied Optimization
Dr. Kobkrit Viriyayudhakorn

(Center Researcher)

Decision Support System, Creativity Support System, Knowledge Management and Engineering
Dr. Apimuk Muangkasem

(Center Researcher)

Game Theory, Computer Graphics, Humans Search, Visualization
Ms. Wirat Chinnan

(Center Researcher)

Software Engineering, Database Analysis and Development
Mr. Thanasan Tanhermhong

(Center Researcher)

Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering, Software Development and Process