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September 26, 2013


ID Title Poster Order
14 Robust Jointly Sparse Elastic Regression with Matrix Uncertainty 1
120 Extraction composition shirt using Canny edge detection with Close contour 2
54 Digitally Generated Khmer Ornament for Khmer Architecture 3
84 Recommending Patent-Citations System based on Topic Model Expansion 4
26 Chinese and Japanese Word Learning System by Estimation of Word Difficulty 5
52 A web based programming learning management system with JavaScript libraries 6
78 Enhancing Classroom Interactions based on Activity Recognition and Lifelog 7
7 IT Governance in Shared Services in Public Sector 8
36 e-Government and its Implemantation Challenges in Nepal 9
40 ICT Use and Adaptation by Indian Women: An analysis of two cases 10
122 Survey of Fall Detection Techniques Based on Computer Vision 11
91 Multiple Quadratic Snakes for Segmenting Tumors in Medical Images 12
97 SVM Approach for Human Gender Recognition from Video Sequences 13
86 Sentiment Polarity Estimation Using Term Chunking and Numeric Phrases in Fact Sentence 14
111 Text Classification Tool for Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Monitoring in Retail Business 15
103 A Novel Interface of Interactive Evolutionary Computation for Automatic Sentence Generator 17
63 Robust Scheduling by Hybrid Method of Policy Tree and Estimation of Distribution Algorithm and Application to Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Rework Uncertainty 18
64 Human Detection from Surveillance Cameras with Considering the Influence of Shadows 19
99 Scene Selection of Broadcast Soccer Video using Temporal Slices 20
18 Automatic Update Method of WiFi Indoor Positioning Model using Pedestrian Dead-Reckoning Technique 21
73 Indoor Positioning System using Ultrasonic Sensors as a Position Information Infrastructure for a Wide Area 22
77 Identifying Physical Traits with Body-worn Accelerometers: A Preliminary Investigation 23
119 From Linked Data to Linked Services: Developing Information Services for Sustainable Buildings 24
116 The Development of Web Questionnaire with Business Process Modeling for Service Evaluation 25
31 A study on a generic development process for SOA design and implementation 26
88 Continuous Improvement Approach of Software Process Based on Product Quality Inspection 27
79 User Customizable Database Access Application of Smart Devices for Small Businesses 28
61 Toward an Interactive Query Expansion: Concept driven and user feed-back model 29
100 Color-based Ranking Method for Web documents 30

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