Apr 22, 2015

Please follow this link to display floor plan for booth and conference:

Mar 31, 2015

Regular = 20 minutes (15 for presentation + 5 for questions)
Poster = 2 minutes for presentation

Poster Presentation Guidelines
1. The poster must be A0 size
2. Each presenter is allocated two minutes to present a short description of the work.
3. The poster should be displayed at the allocated area before the presentation time.
4. The presenters should remain with the posters until the end of the presentation time

Mar 30, 2015

Please see more detail in Conference Venue.Room Reservation is limited and depend on availability of the date & time desired.

Mar 19, 2015

How to Submit

  1. Login to the system, at My Papers, click "Submit a camera-ready manuscript for this paper"
  2. Browse each file to the system including
    1. Manuscript Source (doc)
    2. Manuscript Source (for image, table that extra from Manuscript Source)
    3. Manuscript PDF
    4. Copyright Transfer Form
    When you browse, click "Upload" on each file.

Mar 13, 2015

Please see more detail in the registration page

Sep 02, 2014

the national situation continues to function as normal, and Thailand is still a warmhearted destination for tourists.

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